Carlo Boso, Maestro di Scena.

The opening testimonial of Venetian Ambassadors could only be prestigious playwright,
dramaturge and theatre acting teacher Carlo Boso, who has always been an
Ambassador of the Venetian Republic in the World, with residence in Paris.
Carlo is Director of the Academie Internationale Des Arts du Spectacle that is
based in Versailles.

Born in 1946 in Vicenza, Carlo was trained at Piccolo Teatro of Giorgio
Strehler and Paul Grass. In 2004, with Danuta Zarazik, he created the AIDAS
(Academie Internationale Des Arts du Spectacle). Among the many international
activities, he was also artistic coordinator of the Carnival of Venice (1983-1992),
the Festival de Montmartre in Paris (1992-2002), the Festival de Carcassonne
(2002-2003) until he finally took the artistic directorship of Teatro de
Montreuil in 2005.


There is not enough space to list all the plays and operas in which he took
part as actor, director, author or metteur en scene.
He brilliantly performed plays of Shakespeare, Moliere, Boito,
Pirandello, Brecht, Buzzati, Lope de Vega, just to mention some examples. Some
of his works are taken from the theatre of Ruzante (e.g. Moscheta) but most
from that of Carlo Goldoni (for example La Locandiera, La Vedova Scaltra, La
Bottega del Caffe ', The Pamela and inevitably, Arlecchino, Servant of Two Masters).
An entire life dedicated to represent in the World the most famous works of
Venetian Theatre, Carlo could only be the best spokesperson of our illustrious
culture and creativity in France, and, especially in Versailles, the seat of
the Grand Court of France, where the same Carlo Goldoni was home.


Aurora Soranzo, Actress.

Direct descendant from 51st Duke of Venice, Giovanni Soranzo (1312-1328),
Aurora Soranzo, born in 1985, comes from Casalserugo (Padua). Soon to qualify
in History and Cultural Heritage Preservation, she has been fond of glottology
since her early adolescence.


Daughter of famous writer Dario Soranzo (“Venetian Surnames”), she also works for many History magazines. She has been well known
as a theatre actress in maestro Bruno Capovilla  ‘s  cast since 2013  having performed many plays
in Venetian language.

She has acted in Television (Scotadeo Serenissima Television) between 2011 and 2013 and Balloonari and Biciclando for 7Gold   in 2013. One of her best performances is the dubbing of the TV cartoon popular character Dino da Sandra’ (a smart chap that illustrates Venetian language and culture through jokes and vignettes). Beside her artistic and cultural commitments, she is also known for her humanitarian
efforts and was rewarded as model citizen in her rescue activity during 2010’s
flooding of her town.