Publicity through Venetian Ambassadors Website

Advertisement (ads) is possible both from private and public companies (e,g. restaurants, hotels, enterprises, cultural associations, research organizations etc) as well as individuals (e.g. an author, a free lance professional etc) on any page of VA website at different prices according to spaces and duration of public exposure.

Currently spaces are for: 468x 60 pixel top and bottom and 300x250 lateral column, with rotational mode (max 3 rotations/day).

For the home page, current prices are fixed at 30€ per day (all day) or 10€ per 8 hours exposure a day, 150€ per week (all day) or 50€ per week (for 8 hours a day), 500€ per month (all day) or 180€ per month (8 hours a day), and then automatically discounted of 20% a week for any additional week or 20% a month for any additional month, with a maximum duration of exposure of six months for each type of insertion (renewable every six months subject to directors approval and potential application of new fees). Prices for inner pages of the website are reduced of 20%.

Prices are reviewed every 3 months by the co-directors’ panel (changes are not allowed for those who are already undergoing a 6 months agreement until the expiry of that six months agreement). Discounts are offered according to membership type. Non-members are expected to pay fee in full prices according to current tariffs.

VA does not allow any publicity of political parties or any lobby strongly connected with political parties on his pages.

Images and texts must be submitted in GIF files and approval is subject to website administrators (on preview of the publicity) before invoice is sent. Publicity will only be online once payment has been deposited into VA account. Proposals that contain offensive remarks for public ethical standards will not be approved.

Publicity can be stopped and withdrawn at any one time on request of the customer but payments are non-refundable.