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VA has already representatives and officers in more than thirty countries around the World and our team grows week by week.

Some of our VA officers have already developed an extensive network of contacts with local entrepreneurs, accountants, government sponsored schemes for support to small and medium size enterprises, trade chambers and unions, industrial lobbies, ministries and national development agencies that will be soon able to offer assistance for business start-ups, both as free-lance (sole traders) and corporations (small enterprises up to 49 employees and medium up to 249 employees), both for profit and non-profit activities.

From May 4, 2015, we will be able to offer assistance for business start-ups or transfers in the following countries: Denmark, The Netherlands, Ukraine.

From July 6, 2015, we will be able to offer assistance for business start-ups or transfers in the following countries:


  • Denmark
  • England
  • Holland
  • Ukraine
  • Scotland

South America:

  • Brazil
  • Ecuador

Others will be added throughout the year.

The process of assistance for business start-ups or company transfers in foreign countries by VA agents is divided into the following main stages:

  1. Basic screening (please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and submit it now).
  2. On-site interview with VA officers in Veneto, at your company or at your office address.
  3. Initial interview (by phone) with VA officer of the country where you would like to do your start up or transfer your business.
  4. Sending to candidates who result suitable a list of documents that are required for residence permits/ VISA (where indicated), vaccinations (where indicated), legal information documents for opening a bank business account, for registering a company, information on corporation laws, employment laws, taxation and tax reliefs (or exemptions), lists of chambers of commerce and trading unions (with contacts of personnel we have found most efficient), lists of useful contacts of business associations, public institutes and ministries, public transport systems, maps, professional and language courses (where indicated), lists of local cultural associations.
  5. Second interview (by phone) with the same VA officer to arrange program of local induction (choice of business location, company registration, legal-financial induction, types of accounting support, marketing advice, etc.) and, if indicated, the signing up for language courses or other vocational training.
  6. Assistance in organizing travel and accommodation after arrival in the country of interest by local VA agent, welcoming dinner and local tour upon arrival to show candidates around the place for intended settlement and illustrate the program of induction of the next six months (see point 5) which will also include, according to previous agreements, scheduled meetings with accountants, business and trading associations, governmental development agencies and the periodical tutoring sessions with him/her, in addition to professional training/updating courses already agreed and/or language courses already agreed.
  7. Six months help availability by local VA agents by phone or e-mail from the time of arrival.
  8. Extension, if required, of local VA agent tutor service for another six months.

Services are remunerated as follows:

VA discusses directly with the candidate since the beginning any cost and fee to avoid misunderstandings. VA provides a complex and service quality and being a non-profits can only survive thanks to the payment of fees on its services.

Our fees include:

  • A fee for the employment assistance in Veneto and the preparation of the first professional/company profile, a copy of which is always given to the applicant.
  • A fee for the completion of the second professional/company profile, which includes a business plan and a program of start-up (or transfer) induction adaptation and of adaptation to local culture and language.
  • A final fee before the first interview with an accountant in the country of interest to be paid fully in advance (before the candidate leaves his/her country of residence). In the absence of payment, any employment assistance offered by VA is suspended until payment is received.
  • Discounts are made to VA affiliated members depending on their type of membership (see section affiliation membership types on this website).
  • Discounts can be made in cases of exceptional financial needs where they are carefully documented.
  • Price of fees is revised every semester by the executive panel of VA and can be either increased or reduced at discretion.
  • By statute any fee requested by VA must cover the total costs of his officers and/or third party consultants and on top at least 40% of the total costs, which is the real contribution to VA central fund.
  • At this stage VA has not yet established its tariffs as the service is still in promotional phase but is committed to offer prices which will be competitive against those requested by most international employment agencies.

VA Travel Insurance Policy:

VA takes no responsibility for any accidental loss, injury or damage occurred to candidates or any people accompanying them during their traveling and stay in the country of interest.

VA recommends all candidates to save-guard themselves from potential incidents with an adequate travel insurance valid at least from the moment they leave their country of residence.

For those who are responsible for employees (e.g. a company going to transfer its personnel), VA recommends to seek protection through adequate insurances.

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