Funding Approval Criteria

Funding approval criteria:

  1. VA foundation has a distinctive humanitarian purpose and is open to approve any project that can achieve or lead to achieve one or more of the following scopes:
    1. To promote the image, work and interests of Venetian People everywhere in the World.
    2. b) To protect their historical, cultural, linguistic legacy.

      c) To help develop good cultural, socio-economic, scientific, diplomatic, sport and leisure relationships between any Venetian community and all other Nations and People in the World.

      d) To protect and aid Venetian People anywhere in the World who fall in need of urgent protection, including natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, epidemics but also severe economic crises and loss of employment.

      e) To assist them legally and protect their social, economic, civic and political rights, rights against discrimination as an ethnical minority, rights of autonomy and self-determination as according to article 1 (paragraphs 1,2,3) of the UNO Treaty of New York of 19th December 1966.

  2. Approval of any project by the co-directors of VA MUST always fit the following basic requirements:
    1. Clear identity, contact details and address of the author or group of authors.
    2. Clear and reasonably articulated explanation of the needs for that project to be executed and completed.
    3. Clear targets for the project
    4. Clear plans for the execution of the project including time scale, main locations, if necessary alternative plans (as in a plan B etc , in case of failure of first schedules)
    5. Clear study of cost-effectiveness that satisfactorily suggests the completion of the project will serve one or more of the scopes of VA foundation.
    6. Clear illustration of the methods the authors intend to follow for the execution and coup of authors) completion of the projects.
    7. Clear estimate of the number of staff they will involve
    8. Clear estimate of the cost of administration, travelling, accommodation and subsistence of the staff involved (including the authors or group of authors)
    9. Clear identity details of any member of staff that may be involved full time or part-time or consultants or surveyors or companies the authors intend to employ.
    10. Clear written self-dismissal of conflict of interest with any political party, political lobby or lobbies or associations of any time connected to political parties.
    11. The provision of a certificate of criminal records check that proves the absence of criminal records for at least five years and any possible sentence already served for more than five years before and the absence of pending enquiries regarding crimes of violence such as murder, attempted murder, robbery, rape or against property such as arson and theft or types of financial crimes such as fraud, bribery, corruption, Ponzi’s schemes or similar, any type of mafia type activities and illicit drugs dealing and/or smuggling.
    12. The commitment to display the name, logo and contacts of VA on public illustrations and celebration of the projects as its main sponsor, to freely advertise her activities and scopes during public events and to encourage donations or further fund raising for VA during public illustrations of execution stages of the project or its completion and celebration.
    13. To accept the executive panel or one of his co-directors will have a right to be present at the public celebration of the end of the project as special guest, be thanked and be allowed to give a brief talk on the activities and scopes of VA in order to advertise VA and make fund raising for further projects that fulfill her humanitarian scopes.
  3. Projects will not be approved when authors or members of the proposed project staff are found:


    1.  To endorse important roles, chairs or charges in political parties of any type, let it free, if they wish, to be simple members of any party of their own choice (but NOT in active, representational, leading, supervising, directing, managing, administrative posts).
    2. To endorse roles, chairs or charges in the administration of multinational banks, multinational financial institutes (e.g. Goldman-Sachs), supra-national economic and/or financial lobbies (e.g. Bilderberg) and similar.
    3. To belong any secret lobby or masonry or masonic types of lobbies.
    4. To belong any paramilitary, subversive, terroristic group or any association or lobby supporting such type of groups.

Projects whose authors or members of the proposed project staff are found to fall into one of the above listed categories will see their funds stopped immediately and VA co-directors panel will gather immediately to decide on how to proceed legally against those people in order to be refunded of all the money VA foundation has already given them and in addition costs of damage to VA public image and any legal cost incurred by VA in connection to her association with those people.

Projects whose authors or members of the proposed project staff are found to have close relatives (up to second grade cousin) or close friends or colleagues who fall into one of the above listed categories MAY see their funds stopped immediately and money already given expected to be reimbursed on case to case basis at the directors’ panel discretion.