Help us to export the best Venetian Sport and To import experience and innovation fromt he rest of Europe

Venetian Ambassadors is pleased to announce its partnership with European Sport Funding to promote exchanges of sporting and cultural nature between Venetian athletes and those of other nations of Europe, especially for football, rugby and volleyball.

For each approved application through the presentation of our ambassadors, VA receives a 25% on top of the Commission required by ESF, and so it can sponsor in turn other major sports projects which will promote the image of Venetian athletes in the World.

ESF is an innovative and highly professional sport agency that supports international mobility of athletes (professional and otherwise) through European funds. ESF is usually approached by sports clubs that desire to send their athletes to intensive training programs abroad.

ESF projects are designed to meet the specific needs of each Club and to be inspired by highest quality standards of education and training. This may well involve 360 degrees travel experiences where kids and youngsters are confronted with new training methods, new cultures, new languages and have an opportunity to enrich their personal culture and to refresh and strengthen their motivation, thus optimizing their athletic performance.



Based in Glasgow with branch offices all around the World, ESF staff is made of professionals working in sport business for over 25 years. In addition to management advice, they organize training camps and pre-season training of high level throughout Europe for the best sport clubs. Managing a tour requires an extreme level of professionalism, attention to details, experience in handling people (and of course situations) and excellent problem-solving skills. ESF business ethics aims at providing the best sports facilities and hospitality at the most competitive price.

  • Kenneth Moyes, Managing Director
  • Luca Giacani, EU Project Manager
  • William Davidson, Contracts Manager, Paralegal
  • Francesca Lorenzet, Brand Marketing Manager


  • Assistance in defining the objectives of the Club and identifying a financing scheme which is most suitable to the needs of its participants;
  • Assistance in identifying the most appropriate partners, who can be selected from our extensive network of contacts;
  • Negotiate contractual agreements with partners and their legal support;
  • Handling the whole procedure of request for funding from the European Commission;
  • Managing pre and post stages of funding request;
  • Discussing final approval of the agreement with the European relevant body;
  • 360 degrees management of the approved project, so to leave the athletes with just the enjoyment of it and complete peace of mind.


  • To broaden the educational horizons of young athletes, combining sports and vocational training for the best development of their personality;
  • To promote language learning, to allow children to go beyond the communication barriers and defeat prejudice, racism and xenophobia;
  • To facilitate the integration between different cultures, by sharing work and programs with people and organizations from different cultural contexts;
  • To facilitate social inclusion, by promoting free movement of young people across EU Member States and other Countries of Europe.

To know more on ESF project please contact directly:

Francesca Lorenzet on 0 7473 411673

Or write to

and we will contact the ESF team for you as soon as possible and arrange for an interview or a meeting with one of their officers. 

If you also want to donate to sports projects for young athletes from Veneto, click on the orange button with our lion logo, and write as for reference on your money transfer: VA SPORT VENETO.