Staff Recruitment

Requirements and job descriptions


1. Basic requirements to be appointed as VA agents:

-       High motivation in promoting and protecting the image, work and interests of
Venetian citizens all over the World and whoever comes in touch with them.

-       Residence in one country of interest or familiarity with language, culture, people and
business in one country of interest.

-       Excellent communication skills

-       High speed of communication (reply to any message no later than 36 hours)

-       Knowledge of English (knowledge of Italian welcome but not necessary)

-       Mail and phone (Skype or equivalent essential) availability for free information services

-       Capacity to write articles/reports/editorials (any language, English desirable)

-       Being problem-solving oriented and not narrative oriented

-       Being able to do team work and, if necessary, to coordinate a team

-       Being able to do basic fund-raising

-       Offer competitive tariffs for complex services

2. Job Specifications:

-       Each candidate is invited to propose within 2 weeks from application a clear program
of the services he/she can offer for his/her country of representation.
Candidates are requested to provide services in areas where they are COMPETENT
(meaning being qualified or at least with many years of experience).

-       VA services generally include:

Assistance in business start-ups (including business plans)

Event management (e.g. conferencing)

Emergency Support (e.g. emergency information advice out of hours)

Employment assistance

Investments assistance (brokering services)

Legal assistance

Media relations


Public relations

School and University assistance

Translations and interpreting

Tourism assistance

-    The above types of services are classified as complex and are subject to a right for
remuneration on commission basis (as in a consultation work)

-       Candidates are welcome to propose services in more than one area but this is not an
essential requirement

-       VA candidate programs (also called vocational programs) must include a clear
illustration of the activities one candidate intends to offer, as in a brief
and concise standard customer care protocol, from the time of service access to
the time of service delivery and a time table for each service (e.g. number of
weeks approximately required for completion of each service) and an estimate of
the type and number of consultations agencies going to be implied.

-       VA candidates also need to submit a tariff for payment of their work which can be a
retainer fee (one off), a per hour/payment (in this case they need to provide
an estimate of the amount of hours requested for one service), or performance
based rate type of payment (in this case they need to indicate the amount of
payments or percentages for each target point of the submitted program over a
clear time table)

-       Basic information services are meant to be for free (for example services that
require simple exchange of information over the phone, basic information by
mail, fax or Skype)

-       Use of social networks for VA work purposes is not allowed

3. Other VA staff requirements:

- Signed adhesion to VA diplomatic code for those who apply for an Ambassador or Consul
- Signed adhesion of all VA agents to a disciplinary code and a code of communication
- Regular attendance to staff online meetings
- At least one month notice of withdrawal for those who have already started engaging in
one or more types of services and commitment to written apology to users that
may have been left without help and to sort out a replacement for themselves in
the already undertaken services within no more than 2 weeks time.