Staff Disciplinary Code



Communication is fundamental for the success of Venetian Ambassadors foundation.

All VA agents/officers are expected to:

  1. Reply to any message regarding VA within max 36 hours.

  2. Always copy to our central address (
    any correspondence regarding relevant businesses or international meetings
    where they are involved.

  3. Take part to VA staff online meetings regularly and on the expected time (no more than 3 misses) and give adequate note for absences.

  4. Use of Skype or equivalent online systems is indispensable and expected from all VA agents.

  5. Respect time constraints for each Country VA feedback during staff online meetings (also called

  6. Make an effort to communicate in operative and synthetic manner during meetings and not to
    indulge in chats, personal promotions, gossip or political distractions during
    such meetings.

  7. Not to use offensive language during staff online meetings.

  8. Not to use personal accounts in social networks to communicate about VA activities (only official
    VA pages or VA groups are allowed).

  9. Not to divulge information shared during VA staff  meetings of any
    type or any VA correspondence or staff conversation to third parties unless
    permitted by VA executive.

  10. Not to invite non VA agents to online meetings unless already announced and agreed by VA executive panel.

VA fully abides to UK Data Protection Act and recommends all her staff members to report legal disclaimers of confidentiality at the bottom of their e-mails (possibly including disclaimers in the official
language of the Country where they represent VA).