1. To promote the image, work and interests of Venetian People everywhere in the World.
  2. To protect their historical, cultural, linguistic legacy.
  3. To help develop excellent cultural, artistic, socio-economic, commercial, entrepreneurial, scientific, medical, technological, diplomatic, sport and leisure relationships between any Venetian community and all other Nations and People in the World.
  4. To protect and aid Venetian People anywhere in the World who fall in need of urgent protection, including natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, epidemics but also severe economic crises with massive loss of employment.
  5. To assist them legally and protect their social, economic, civic and political rights, rights against discrimination as an ethnical minority, rights of autonomy and self-determination as according to article 1 (paragraphs 1,2,3) of the UNO Treaty of New York of 19th December 1966.