Venetian Ambassadors, like any charitable organization has no owners but is only directed by a panel of one central director and his/her co-directors, also nicknamed “Samurai” because of their extreme loyalty to Saint Mark, the Republic and their People.

VA relies on services offered by VA staff members (also called officers) all over the World, free donations, non-profit business activities, website publicity and a membership system based on level of donations.

VA staff is then subdivided in:

  1. Central director (also known as the Black Samurai)
  2. Co-directors (each Samurai with his/her favorite color)
  3. Central administration staff
  4. Officer members who include:
    1. Venetian Ambassadors
    2. Venetian Consuls
    3. Venetian Charge’ d’Affairs
    4. Venetian diplomatic consultants
    5. Venetian official translators/interpreters

Who can become a Venetian Ambassadors Officer?

Anyone who is able and willing to pursue one or more of the above listed scopes can become a Venetian Ambassador or a type of VA officer, and there is no need of Venetian origins for this.

They are recruited and appointed by the co-directors’ executive panel according to the needs and availability in each Country where VA is active.


-Excellent communication skills

- Skype or equivalent systems of communication

-Very good knowledge, bot written and oral, of the language of the Country which one would like to become a VA officer for. 


If you are interested in becoming one of our officers, please send your CV and contact details to

And we will be happy to examine your application and reply within 4 weeks with a proposal for an interview, if you have been short-listed.

Please, be aware phone or e-mail speed of response will also be considered as part of testing your communication skills.