VA foundation is inspired by the ethos of the Ambassadors of the Republic of Saint Mark, which is to serve the interests of the Serenissima Republic of Venice and Her People, under special protection from Saint Mark, all over the World.

Like their ancestor ambassadors, today’s Venetian Ambassadors mainly seek to represent those interests that can help to build and consolidate good relationships with all human communities in the World, by developing and spreading economic and financial prosperity, social welfare, culture and arts, science and technology advances, diplomatic culture, principles of freedom and respect for Human Rights.

They do not believe Venetian People to be better or worse than any other People of this World and they are aware every culture has its positives and negatives in the eyes of members of other communities.

Yet, being well aware of the splendors and downfalls of their History, they are determined to identify and encourage the best qualities, skills, capacities, behaviors and attitudes of TODAY’s Venetian People all around the World and of all communities they come in touch with to serve the purpose of building a better World for all human beings.

VA foundation has therefore a crucially distinct humanitarian ethos. It does not and will never serve political interests of a party, or a lobby, or a faction of Venetian People nor economic interests of multinational or supra-national banks or financial agencies.

Even when campaigning for universal civic rights like the right to self-determination of one People, it will do it in representation of all People involved, regardless their political belongings or positions of any nature.

All VA staff members will have a duty to offer their service as if they were the once glorious ambassadors of the Serenissima Republic, which is always bearing polite, friendly, peaceful, respectful, empathetic manners with any people who need them and at the same time extremely pragmatic in problem-solving.

And all VA members (not only staff members), regardless their religious, cultural or even political background,  are expected to help any people in need promptly, efficiently and with a SERENE smile, despite the difficulties or complications involved and leave with the distinctive and special salute: let St Mark take care of you!